Enjoy immediate implant placement with the team at Cooper Dental Group

Our dentists at Cooper Dental Group of Ormond Beach, Florida, understand how desirable same-day immediate implants may be. With this particular treatment, we use a specialized technique to place the artificial root directly into the jawbone during a single appointment. This reduces the time spent in recovery and encourages faster healing for better results. We work with patients to help them determine if they are proper candidates for this treatment and educate them on its benefits.

What can I expect during my immediate implant placement procedure?

Immediate implants require certain preparations before the placement procedure. This includes 3D cone beam images of both the mouth and the jawbone to help in planning the placement of the implants after the extraction of the natural tooth. After you have been properly anesthetized for your procedure, the tooth is extracted and an implant is placed immediately after.  This includes any bone grafting tissue placed into the socket to further support the implant following its placement. A healing cap or an abutment is placed before sutures are used to close the soft tissues. We then make a follow-up appointment to take impressions of the mouth and to fabricate a permanent abutment to place over the implant itself. A crown or denture is then used over the abutment to finish the process.

The Girl is Hanging a Dummy Tooth

Am I a good candidate for immediate dental implants?

Immediate dental implants are ideal for any of our patient who need to have tooth extractions performed due to issues such as severe tooth decay, advanced bone loss, extensive damage to the natural tooth, or for functional teeth that cannot be maintained with other restorative solutions.

Find out if you are a proper candidate for immediate dental implants at Cooper Dental Group!

Immediate dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth quickly and with minimal discomfort. With proper care, you will enjoy your new smile for many years! Contact us today to learn more about immediate dental implant placement and see if it is right for you. Our dentists at Cooper Dental Group of Ormond Beach, FL, look forward to helping you achieve the smile of your dreams! Call 386-244-9838 and visit Drs. Adam Tow, Ankit Parikh, and Nicky Masoodi at 1275 West Granada Boulevard.