Preventive Oral Screenings for a Long Life of Healthy, Cancer-free Smiles!

Did you know that about 54,000 Americans are diagnosed yearly with mouth (oropharyngeal) cancer? Unfortunately, the American Cancer Society reports that about 11,230 of these patients succumb to the disease! Mouth cancer is a deadly health condition, mainly because many cases are positively identified when the disease has reached advanced, destructive stages.

At Cooper Dental Group, we take your health seriously; that’s why oral cancer screenings are a vital part of our comprehensive dental exams. Once we identify abnormalities in your oral structures, steps are taken to confirm the diagnosis and to start treatment early.

What to expect from an oral cancer exam

An oral cancer test is a simple, painless, and quick procedure that can save your life. Screening involves looking inside your mouth to spot lesions, sores, and white or red patches. Using gloved hands, your dentist probes your mouth to identify lumps, nodes, and other abnormalities. We also physically examine your throat and neck to check for unusual signs.

Some dentists use special tests beyond physical and visual testing. We can rinse your mouth with a special dye before an exam. Abnormal cells may soak up the dye, appearing blue. We can also shine a special light in your mouth. Healthy tissues appear dark, while abnormal ones appear white. We may order further tests like a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis depending on your results.

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Why oral cancer screening is important

Like all forms of cancer, detecting mouth cancer early is crucial in treating it successfully. One of the reasons cancer is lethal is that it’s found in its advanced stages. Early cancer detection helps doctors stop cancer before it spreads to other body parts.

Even if you have oral cancer symptoms, it can be challenging to spot them yourself. However, an experienced dentist can see what’s happening inside your mouth and identify anything unusual. This fact makes routine oral exams crucial. We don’t just check your mouth for cavities and gum disease — we scrutinize your oral structures for mouth cancer.

Oral Cancer Screening Dentist Near Me in Ormond Beach, Florida

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