Composite Resin Fillings, Today’s Solution for Treating Cavities

For the most part, cavities can be prevented through diligent oral care. If you do develop a cavity, your Ormond Beach, Florida dentist  can eliminate it with a composite resin  filling. Most dentists today have upgraded to composite resin tooth-colored fillings for cavity treatment due to their cosmetic and restorative qualities. At Cooper Dental Group, we offer quick and effective diagnosis and treatment of decay to restore your smile’s health and beauty. 

About Composite Fillings 

Composite tooth-colored fillings offer an alternative to traditional silver amalgam fillings for treating decay and protecting your teeth from future cavities. Composite fillings are a mix of resin material and glass particles, with no metal or mercury added to the compound. The resin material can be tinted to match the color of your teeth, so the filling isn’t noticeable when you smile. The natural tooth-colored appearance is one of the attributes people appreciate most about composite fillings. 

One of our talented dentists will start with a thorough evaluation of your teeth and gums for signs of decay or other dental issues. If a cavity is detected, we’ll remove the decay and prepare your tooth for a composite resin filling. The composite resin material is layered onto your tooth and hardened with a special light for secure bonding. Your dentist will shape the filling to conform to your tooth’s shape and polish it to give it a natural sparkle.

Advantages of Choosing Composite Resin Fillings

We love to see you smile! With composite fillings, you can smile with confidence as the filling blends in with the color of your teeth. Other advantages include the following: 

  • Mercury and metal-free, posing no risk of metal allergies
  • Bond directly to your teeth without the need for extensive drilling. 
  • Less tooth structure has to be removed, keeping more of your tooth structure intact. 
  • Doesn’t expand or contract like silver fillings, making them less likely to come loose or cause tooth sensitivity.
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Composite Fillings Near Me in Ormond Beach, Florida

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