Broken Front Tooth? Restore Your Smile’s Appeal with a Dental Crown

There’s nothing like a broken tooth to ruin your day! If pain isn’t enough to get you to a dentist, the awkwardness of smiling with a fractured front tooth will do the trick. For the most part, broken teeth can be repaired with dental crowns. Your ceramic crown treatment is within easy reach at Cooper Dental Group, Ormond Beach, Florida. Our dentists will assess the damage and determine if a dental crown is the best option for restoring your smile. 

Crowns for Front Teeth

A broken front tooth needs immediate repair as it affects both the function and appearance of your teeth. Leaving your tooth untreated puts it at risk of further damage, which could lead to tooth loss. A front tooth crown will give your tooth the support and protection it needs to prevent further breakage. A ceramic crown will also restore your tooth’s appearance so you can smile confidently.

Dental crowns are special “caps” that can be placed over damaged teeth to help restore their structure. Crown treatment is a process that starts with an oral evaluation to ensure you have no issues that can impact the outcome of your procedure. If not, we’ll reshape your tooth to prepare it for receiving a crown and take impressions of your teeth to send to our lab to have a crown custom-created for your tooth. A temporary crown can be placed on your damaged tooth until your permanent crown is ready. When your permanent crown is done, we’ll replace the temporary crown with the permanent one to restore your tooth to full use. 

Reasons to Consider Dental Crown Treatment 

Ceramic crowns make perfect restorations for damaged teeth, broken or decayed as they’re durable, long-lasting, attractive, and natural-looking. A dental crown will:

  • Repair and restore your broken tooth to save it from extraction 
  • Protect your tooth from further damage
  • Restore your tooth’s function and usefulness
  • Restore your smile’s aesthetic appeal 

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